Why Sponsor Sweeney Racing?

The Sweeney Racing team is looking to offering your company the most for your money (or product).  We will prove to you that sponsoring a race car will add to your customer base and in turn, increase your company's sales.
Today's economy has forced businesses to take a much closer look at their advertising budgets, yet an increase in attendance at "short track" racing events, plus fan loyalty has had a positive impact on the products and businesses that are endorsed through motorsports.
Putting a company name and/or logo on a race car has proven to be an excellent marketing tool for many businesses, PLUS it's fun to come out to the race track and watch your investment work for you.
Sweeney Racing would like to make this happen for you.  You will find that as a sponsor of a race car you can not only enhance your sales, but also bring added profitability to your firm or business.
To learn more, please contact Sweeney Racing by clicking on the "CONTACT" link above.  We look forward to you becoming part of our team and we hope to be racing for you soon!
Our Mission
It is the mission of Sweeney Racing to maintain a professional race team in every aspect of the word, both on and off of  the race track.  This not only includes professionalism by the driver and crew, but also by the appearance of our race car, which always hits the race track as one of the eye catchers.
The utmost professionalism and representation of Sweeney Racing and their marketing partners is a primary focus to the team, as is competitive accomplishments.